AKG C214 Review

AKG C214 Review

It is almost impossible to find a microphone that offers excellent quality at low prices, but it is not totally impossible thanks to the existence of the AKG C214.

The AKG C214 is one of the best in its class in terms of value for money.

We are talking about one of the only microphones in its range that stands out for its great advantage of being able to capture sounds in a perfect way, used to record vocals and instruments in most large professional studios.



Capsule: 1″ large diaphragm condenser
Sensitivity: 20 mV / Pa (-34 dBV)
Frequency range: 20 to 20,000Hz
Equivalent noise level: 13dB-A (IEC 60268-4)
Polar pattern: cardioid
Max. SPL: 136 / 156dB SPL (0 / 20dB Pad)
Dynamic range: 123 / 143dB-A (0 / 20dB Pad)
Low-cut filter: 160Hz, 6dB / Octave, switchable
Attenuation Pad: 20dB, switchable.
Patents: AT 395,225, DE 4,103,784, JP 2,815,488
Dimensions: 160 x 55 mm (6.3 x 2.2 in.)
Net / shipping weight: 280/1450 g (0.62 / 3.22 lbs)
Included accessories: H 85 Shockmount, W 214 windshield, metal case
Power supply 12V to 52V phantom power

What is the AKG C214 designed for?

This dynamic range microphone has been specially designed to be used in recording studios, thanks to its advantages and its ability to capture audio accurately makes this the best choice for music studios, as it can be used to record the most important musical instruments in music and of course for vocals can also be used as any microphone.

Undoubtedly its best performance stands out in the recording studios, it is a microphone that for its versatile qualities gives much utility in this field of work, offering results that are expected by producers, this facilitates their work and guarantees a good quality.

Excellent accessories for the AKG C214

The AKG C214 comes with a case that you can use to store the microphone in a safe and clean place, this is very good because if we leave our microphones outdoors always, this can get dirty or dust and we do not want that to happen because it is not very favorable.

They have thought very well because in addition to a case they have included a foam windshield.

It includes a foam windshield that is responsible for reducing the noises of breaths or winds that sometimes come out when using the microphone.

Finally it also has a special support, excellent quality, this will help us to place the microphone from different positions firmly, it is very useful with this accessory and you can be quiet and not think that the microphone can fall, as it holds it very well in position.

This is where we can appreciate why the AKG C214 is so amazing, really everything is very complete and at a very affordable price within its range.

Quality AKG construction

The C214 features an integrated capsule suspension that reduces mechanical noise and resonances for even greater sonic accuracy.

In addition, the all-metal, dual-mesh grille protects the capsule and ensures high RF immunity without affecting the microphone’s acoustic performance. Importantly, this microphone features a modern scratch-resistant finish, a dent-resistant metal grille and a gold-plated XLR output.

AKG C214 sound test

To have a good reference it is best to hear for yourself how the recordings captured by the microphone sound, so you can better appreciate and give you a review of what this microphone can do when recording voices.

If what you want is a microphone to record songs, in the video that we leave just below the text you can draw your own conclusions and give you an idea of how the microphone works in this type of recording.

Things you should know before you buy

While virtually all users of the AKG C214 are happy with the results of this microphone, not everything can be perfect.

We have to point out that it may not be the right microphone for certain vocal recordings as it can have a lot of sibilance, although it is something that can be solved and always depends on the type of voice.

One of the details that has also been found in the C214 microphone is the problem that has to process occlusives, people who have complained about this detail are people who work very often with the microphone, including youtuber and documentary filmmakers.

There is a solution to every problem, in case you are having problems with the occlusive process, we recommend making use of an anti pop filter that, if you are not new to the world of microphones, maybe you already have it in your home studio.

Many people tend to disregard the pop filter, and yes, this recording tool does play an important role in improving recordings.

However, its value for money is superb. Achieving very faithful sounds for a very affordable price for a professional microphone.

In addition, if you make a good previous recording the results are absolutely professional.


We have already seen each and every one of the contents that give us enough reasons to confirm that the AKG C214 microphone is the best microphone in this range.
In addition it is worth mentioning that its good quality materials with which it was made ensures a great profitability of the microphone, its internal software features also have left enough to talk about.

Finally and most importantly, its cost is so economical to have everything it contains.

Its structure reflects any other microphone that even triples its price, so you can not miss the opportunity to buy this microphone.

If you are starting your music recording studio, podcast or your setup do not hesitate a bit to buy another microphone.

This is the right microphone for a person who has these qualities.

Recording and music production experts recommend the AKG C214 as the best choice for this 2021.

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