Home lofi Drum Kit


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Size: 8.84 MB

  • Kicks (6)
  • Claps (5)
  • HiHats (5)
  • Percs (7)
  • Snares (6)
  • Vinyls and VHS (6)
  • Cassette Tape (5)
  • Open Hats (5)
  • Samples (5)
  • Rain (4)

Home is a Drum Kit that contains sounds to make lofi beats, it is a Sample Pack of the most complete for your libraries, since there is a variety of sounds and we focus on having the most essential sounds to create incredible lofi tracks.

It includes among its drum sounds the most important ones such as Kick, Snares, HiHats, Open Hats, Claps and the indispensable Percs that are part of a good lofi drum kit.

In addition to give an ideal atmosphere to your beats you will get Rain sounds that are very common in lofi aesthetics and chill lofi, there are also the Cassette Tape and Vinyls to set the mood for your lofi beats.

This Sample Pack is structured by 54 files in WAV and MP3 format, which are totally free to use to make your own beats and musical productions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to download it now!

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