PIMP Trap Drum Kit


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Size: 6,81 MB

Kicks (5)
Claps (5)
HiHats (6)
Percs (5)
Snares (5)
808s (5)
Open Hats (5)

PIMP Trap Drum Kit is a sample pack made especially for creators of Trap Beats.

We have included in this pack the most frequently used sounds to produce trap beats, among them are the Kicks, Snares, Claps, 808s, Percs, Open Hats and HiHats.

PIMP focused a lot on the quality of their 808s and Open Hats, they are sounds that make a difference in a Beat. That is why we take care to offer you the best in this case.

We can say that these Sample Packs focus on those loud sounds that give a trap beat a lot of meaning.

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