Yonaguni lofi Drum Kit


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Size: 8.11 MB

  • Kicks (6)
  • Claps (5)
  • HiHats (5)
  • Percs (6)
  • Snares (6)
  • Vinyls (2)
  • Cassette Tape (3)
  • Open Hats (5)
  • Samples (5)
  • Rain (4)

Yonaguni is a lofi drum kit inspired by the Japanese lofi, Yonaguni contains special sounds for this type of relaxed lofi.

Among the sounds there are a total of 47 sounds, which are important for the creation of lofi beats, each of them has fundamental roles to structure your beat from scratch.

Among the sounds are some Kicks, their Snares which are very good for lofi relax, lofi chill and lofi japanese.

The HiHats, Open Hats also stand out for their vintage aspects, this makes each sound more into the Japanese lofi type.

Yonaguni also includes lofi samples, these you can use them to get a better idea to make your lofi beats, or for your lofi productions.

It contains sounds to set the tracks, and give it vintage life as any good lofi should have.

All its sounds are totally free to use and suitable for use in any production DAW where you work your beats.

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